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2008 Game Description:

2008 Game

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FIRST Overdrive is a game played on the TRACK (illustrated in the figure).  Two ALLIANCES, one red and one blue, composed of three teams each, compete in each MATCH.  The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opponent by making counter-clockwise laps with your robot around the TRACK while moving large TRACKBALLS over and/or under the OVERPASS that bisects the TRACK.  The point values for each of those actions are explained below.

Detailed Description:

A MATCH is 2 minutes and 15 seconds long.  A HYBRID PERIOD starts each MATCH in which the ROBOTS are controlled by pre-programmed instructions and/or transmitted information from the ROBOCOACH.  The HYBRID PERIOD is followed by the TELEOPERATED PERIOD during which the DRIVERS assume control of the robot.  There may be a short pause between HYBRID PERIOD and the start of the TELEOPERATED PERIOD as the player's controls are activated.  The ROBOTS continue to play the game until the TELEOPERATED PERIOD is over.

ALLIANCE: A set of three FIRST Robotics Competition TEAMS that work together during a MATCH to play FIRST Overdrive against an opposing ALLIANCE.  ALLIANCES are identified during the MATCH by their assigned color, either red or blue.

BUMPER ZONE: The volume between two planes parallel to the floor, the lower being 2-1/2 inches above the floor, and the upper being 8-1/2 inches above the floor.  The BUMPER ZONE is defined with respect to the ROBOT when in its PLAYING CONFIGURATION.

CROSSING: The act of a TRCKBALL or ROBOT passing through the plane defined by a line (i.e. LANE MARKER or FINISH LINE) when it is projected vertically upwards.  A TRACKBALL or ROBOT shall have CROSSED a line when all parts of the object, while traveling in a counter-
clockwise direction, have completely passed through the plane.

HERDING: Controlling the position and movement of a TRACKBALL while the TRACKBALL is not supported by any ROBOT (i.e. supported by the TRACK or other TRACKBALLS) shall be
considered HERDING.  Both continuous and intermittent contact between the ROBOT and
TRACKBALL are permissible methods of HERDING.  E.g. bumping, plowing or dribbling a
TRACKBALL around the TRACK are all considered forms of HERDING.

HURDLE: When a TRACKBALL CROSSES a FINISH LINE while passing above the OVERPASS and then contacts either the floor or another ROBOT before re-contacting the originating ROBOT.

HURDLING: The act of completing a HURDLE.  To be considered in the process of HURDLING,
the ROBOT must:

  • be in its own HOME STRETCH, and
  • be in POSSESSION of a  TRACKBALL, and
  • be moving toward the OVERPASS and/or elevating the TRACKBALL so that the top of the TRACKBALL is higher than the LANE DIVIDER.

IMPEDING: Preventing or obstructing an opposing ROBOT’S ability to proceed around the TRACK in the direction of traffic.

MATCH: A single iteration of play in which ALLIANCES attempt to complete the goals of the FIRST Overdrive game during a competition.

PENALTY: A 10-point decrement in the ALLIANCE score assigned when a deserving violation of
the game rules has been identified by a REFEREE.

POSSESSION: Controlling the position and movement of a TRACKBALL while the TRACKBALL is supported or captured by an ALLIANCE shall be considered POSSESSION of the TRACKBALL. A TRACKBALL shall be considered “supported” by a ROBOT if in the estimation of a reasonably astute observer the majority of the weight of the TRACKBALL is being borne by the ROBOT.  A TRACKBALL shall be considered “captured” by a ROBOT if, as the ROBOT moves or changes orientation (e.g. backs up or spins in place), the TRACKBALL remains in approximately the same position relative to the ROBOT.  Both the “supported” and “captured” conditions include the case where the TRACKBALL is also in contact with the floor.

REFEREES: The certified volunteers led by the Head Referee, responsible for assisting teams,
monitoring game play, and enforcing the FIRST Overdrive rules.

ROBOT: Anything that has passed ROBOT inspection that a TEAM places on the TRACK prior to the start of a MATCH.

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